To: Meals

Gear List

This is a basic gear list for most Workshops and Trips. If you are prone to getting cold in a specific area, many items are available to keep you warm. E-mail us specifics and we can make suggestions.

The North Slope and all of Alaska weather can range from 20º during the day to -30 º at night. Layering is the way to dress.

To Bring:

We provide heavier parkas and Neo Over-boots for colder weather.

Important things to remember:

Good places to find necessary equipment: Cabellas catalog or website (www.cabellas.com), REI catalog, website (www.rei.com) or store. If you are unable to purchase any of this, we will make arrangements to go to a Sporting Goods Store after arriving in Fairbanks.

In addition to those items, you will also need:

We will be carrying the entire contents of the camp in the dog sleds. Please do not over pack!!


All meals are made camp style. We try to prepare hardy, delicious meals that will provide you with plenty of energy for such an active trip.

Sample Trip Meal: